Achievement from 1997 to 2010
March 31, 2010
Progress Report Sanitation Project 2010
December 31, 2010
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Replication by community

The work of AHKMT was replicated by the different communities themselves. These communities (Dhoke Kala Khan Fauji Colony Dhok Ali Akbar) replicated it very successfully. A detail of these communities are given in the table.


Uc’s No of Streets H.H Cost
Dhoke Kala Khan 22 124 1665


Fauji Colony

08 30 605 761,100
Dhok Ali Akbar 24 24 442



178 2712


Before WorkBefore Work

After WorkAfter Work

AHKMT Work Process:

The trust work on request bases. When the trust receive a request from a community for work in their area. The survey team of the trust visit the area and complete a survey. The survey team give an estimate for work in the area. Next step comes toward technicality. The technical staff than visit the proposed site and check the leveling and disposal site for the proposed area. After that line meeting has been called in the area. In line meeting the trust give the estimate and select a person as line manager. The line manager has the duty to collect the money from the community people. And work on those who has problem regarding money. After contribution they buy the material for the proposed street. And the work starts. During work the technical person visit the site and level the site for workers and provide shattering for main holes. On the completion at last but not the least the connection been made from homes to the sewerage line. Thus the work of AHKMT completed here but last task is government’s task. According to which the government Paved the street and finish the work. Thus after all this the community live satisfied.