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March 31, 2010
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March 31, 2011
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Progress Report Sanitation Project 2010

Executive Summery

The project started on the month of January 2010 after the board meeting. Every individual deserves to be protected from disease and other health hazards posed by the poor disposal of excreta and human waste. Children, who are the first and the most vulnerable to fall prey to such hazards, deserve a better environment and the highest standard of living possible, according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, a treaty which has been ratified by nearly every country in the world.

AHKMT is replicating Orangi Pilot Project (OPP-RTI) Karachi sanitation model. In this sanitation model, sewerage is divided into two main parts namely primary and secondary lines. The local community share 100% cost in construction of primary sewerage lines. AHKMT hand downs free technical assistance to the street dwellers like mapping, leveling and providing estimates of primary lines construction. Moreover, AHKMT mobilizes line departments to place secondary line sewerage and connect to the primary lines constructed by community on self-help basis.

Practical work was started in the beginning of the year. Some streets are lying down. Almost 72 estimates are provided to other area people, meetings were arranged with community and they showed positive response but lack of awareness creating problems. Community always said its duty of Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (Govt authorities) so why we do on self help bases?

In some streets, we receive a very good response from community. They want to do work in our technical assistance.

AHKMT is keep in touch and arranged meetings with academia, line department officials and other governmental and non-governmental institutes for progress and advancement of the work. They show their interest in our work.

We request to govt (Rawalpindi cantonment board and Pothowar Town) on this matter and govt officials are agreeing for our help. They help us for construction of sewerage lines. We submit an application on the behalf of community. All the stakeholders of the streets signed on this application.

In Ahmadabad government construct sewerage line in our replication, they are adopting our model. Area Nazim of Chak jalal din Mr. Asif showing keen interest in Sanitation cooperate a lot with AHKMT. He wants to do more for the area as well for the community. He suggests us time to time for improvement and betterment of the quality of work. He also suggests the needy and demanding area for sanitation like Mohallah Mansab dar.

A digitize map of Union council Chak Jalal Din is completed with the length of street and mark the infrastructure with the total number of houses. A problem noticed that there is no disposal point in target area so we are facing problems in advancement of work now we identify a Mohallah Mansab dar, which have a Nullah and disposal point for us.

A new work is started in a street Valley West ridge iii. Area is not in our target but AHKMT receive a request from stakeholders to provide a technical assistance for laying down the sewerage line in the area.

For the next year a digitize maps for the other union councils will be planned with the help of Constructional Technology Training Institute (CTTI).

Staff Recruitment

Following staff is recruited

Mr. Hamid Ullah
He is Graduate (Sanitation Team Leader)
Having 20 years of experience in community work

Mr. Fazal Mehmood
He is DAE (Civil Engineering) doing their (Hon)
Having 3 years working experience.

Mr. Zulfiqar Ali
He is Social Organizer and having good experience in the field of Sanitation.

Staff meetings

Staff Meetings held on weekly bases. Staff represents their report also discuss challenges and problems with Program Manager and Team Leader. In the light of challenges and problems, they decide the planning for next week.

Line Meetings

AHKMT is conducted line meeting on weekly bases we also conduct meetings when needed or demand is occurring from community. Meetings are also conducting on large scale in these meetings we aware the community about the impacts of Sanitations and open drains.

Meetings with Activists                                                         

Social Organizer also arranges the meetings with female and male activists. In females meeting Program Manager Sumaira Gul participate and convince them about Sanitation. In Males, meetings Engineer and Team Leader participate and

Developing of Maps

Maps of targeted area are developed. Engineers develop the Maps by their own self. These are very help full for advancement in the work.

Maps are developed on the following areas

  • Rawal Town
  • Chak jalal din
  • Mohallah Hajian

Map of Chak Jalal Din

Back ground of the area

Chak jalal din is one of the Union council (87) of Pothwar Town Rawalpindi district (Located near to Dhok Sayyedan). Total Population of Chak jalal din is 21000 app with 2000Households.area is Semi Urban. Community belongs to working class or low-income group of population.

This area is situated with the Girja Road in Cantt area Rawalpindi populated by the middle class house holds. Mr. Raja Altaf, who is working in AHKMT as Social Organizer, organized various meetings in Dhok Sayyedan. To get complete information proper survey was conducted and mapping was also done by AHKMT. The details of streets where we have started work or organized meetings.

Base line survey and identification of Open Drains

Base line survey is completed we survey almost 500 households. Open Drains are identified and work is in progress.


After completing base line survey we arrange a survey for the whole Union Council which population is 3500 approximately. Engineer and Surveyor are doing this task very carefully so facts will get on the bases of reality.

Counting of Households

Counting of Household are in progress.1000 households will be count and are identify during the visit and survey. They Identify paved and unpaved streets as well open drains. Mark the important buildings and places.


Unto 72 Estimates are developed and distributed among the stakeholders of the different streets. Details attached as Annex-A

Planning Meeting for U.C Chak jalal din

Planning meeting was conducted with Mr. Javed Akhtar Sub-Engineer Civil Pothohar Town Rawalpindi on 30 June, 2010 meeting was held in Pothohar Town office where AHKMT Program Manager Ms Sumaira Gul, Sanitation Team leader Mr. Hamid ullah and Engineer participated in the meeting and discuss the following issues with Mr. Javed Akhtar S.E Pothohar town.

(i):-Discuss about complete mapping of Chak Jalaldin.

(ii):-Make Master Plan Book of the given area. (CJD)

(iii):-Facilitate Technical Staff.

(iv):-Full technical assistance provided by S.E Pothohar town.

(v):-Every Saturday meeting with AHKMT and work together.

Aim: – Make Chak Jalaldin model city where 100% work in sanitation and provide clean environment with the help of community, Pothohar Town Officials and Nazim of the Area


Work strategy is design between CTTI and AHKMT according to that CTTI will facilitate AHKMT in work and facilitation.

Strategy is also design between PHED, Community and AHKMT. It is also defined what will the role of PHED. How community work on self-help bases role and duties of AHKMT.


  1. Unavailable secondary lines

A challenge for AHKMT is to unavailable disposal point in the target area. we identifies a Mohallah, which have a disposal point of Nullah. Secondary lines are also not available for disposal.

  1. Working class community

Mohallah Mansab dar have a disposal point but the problem is that community belongs to working class, which is very poor some of them are daily wages employees and majority belongs to Pot maker occupation.

Meetings in Community

Different Meetings were held in community with different parts of the targeted area. Details are given below


  • Meeting was held in Rawal town 21 Feb. 2010 on St #27
  • Meeting was held in Quaid Abad 07.March.2010 in Street # 15
  • Meeting was held at14.March.2010 Street no. 18 Mohallah Hajian
  • Meeting was held at 14.March.2010 Pathan Colony Ghazi Abad. Streets 10, 11, 12a, 12b
  • Meeting was held on 17 March 2010 St # 1 Shah G/1 colony Chak Jalal din
  • Meeting was held on 18 March 2010 street Shah G/1 colony Chak Jalaldin
  • Meeting was held on 24 March 2010 at Ghazi Abad Street #1.
  • Meeting was held on 25 March 2010 at Ghazi Abad Street #6.
  • Meeting in Aslam Street Ghaziabad
  • Meeting in Street # 10 Ghaziabad
  • Meeting in Street # 21 Ghaziabad
  • Meeting in Sajjad Street Ghaziabad
  • Follow up Meeting in Ghulam Hussain Street Quaid Abad
  • Meeting in Chaudary Zafar Street Ghaziabad.
  • Meeting was held in community dated Tuesday 01-june-2010 Street no.21 Ghaziabad Dhok Sayyedan
  • Meeting was held in community dated Saturday 05-june-2010 Street no.10 Ghaziabad Dhok Sayyedan
  • Meeting was held in community dated Saturday 12-june-2010. Sajjad Street Ghaziabad Dhok Sayyedan
  • Meeting was held in community dated Sunday 04-july-2010. Street no.3 Sadiq colony Chak Jalaldin
  • Meeting was held in community dated Thursday 08-july-2010. Street no.1 Ghaziabad Dhok Sayyedan
  • Meeting was held in community dated Wednesday 14-july-2010. Street no.6 Ghaziabad Dhok Sayyedan


Meetings with Activists

Meeting with Lady Councilor Ms. Zubaida’s

Purpose of the Meeting:-Sanitation and Sewerage lines

AHKMT staff introduces Activities of AHKMT briefly explain the sanitation program and self help philosophy. Zubaida’s street was unpaved they laid their street sewerage line on self help bases but unfortunately line is not correct. Pipes are on the ground surface and some of them are damaging. We discuss on this topic she is willing to cooperate with us. She will arrange meeting of females after Eid for detail briefing and further advancement.

Meeting with Community                                                      

Almost 20 Activist of the Chak jalal din participated in the meeting.

Take the presentation on AHKMT by Ms. Sumaira Gul, e-guard and Sanitation program by Mr.Hamid ullah explain and briefly discussed all the programs.

During the meeting we also share some snaps of Chak jalal din which are very dirty and community realize that immediate steps are needed for the betterment of the area.

We want to announce the Project Management Committee but committee will expand in next few days.

Mr. Asif also assured they will cooperate as well on sanitation.

We want to develop our Plan of Action but a Councilor of the area said that govt also approve the PC-1 of 06 crore pak rupees for Chak jalal din (sewerage lines) so you have to wait for that advancement.

Meeting with Nazim

Meeting held with Nazim in city English school. Mr.Hamid ullah share the idea of meeting with Ch. Nisar then his advice that does not use the reference of Madam Sumaira its impact should be negative. Also, suggest writing a brief latter to Mr. Nisar Chaudary about the project and future plans of Sanitation in Chak jalal din.

He also recommends us to keep concentrate in Mohallah Mansab dar for sanitation project.

Constructions of Sewerage lines

03 sewerage lines are in progress of construction

Case study of complete streets

Case Study Of Chauhdary Street Connected Street # 3 Ghazi Abad.

Name of Activist                   Usman Khan.

Street #                                  3.

Length                                    110 ft.

No. Of Houses                      18.

Amount per House               1200/-

Living                                     Working Class Peoples.

In this street  pipes are laid and main holes are build by the community peoples and due to not technical assistance and bad surface level the water of two main holes move backward and not go properly, and the peoples of the street suffering from dirty water and then they dig out the pipes and again make openly drains.


Feed Back Of Community

After completion of the work we hear through activist usman that some peoples of the street damage the work done when the engineer go there and inquire community then they said that due to bad surface level and low surface, water not go properly and move back ward and stand in street so they dig out the pipes and again make open drains.


Role of AHKMT

When we go there and meet with community peoples, they said that due to suffering dirty water they have got a lot of problems and water is standing in front of their houses and not move properly so they damage the sanitation line and make drains, then we solve their problem and engineer of AHKMT, level the surface with level machine and water goes properly and the problem is solved.


Completion of Work of Sanitary Lines

Work is completed at two lines of Ghaziabad Street # 7 and Street # 4.

Street               7.

Total Length     85ft.

Street               4

Total Length     350ft.



Completion Work Report


Name of Street             Haji Zafar Connected Street C.

Length of Street            168ft

No of Houses                12

No of Main Holes          04

Estimated Cost              20,572/-

Name of Activist            Haji Zafar


In this street AHKMT motivate the Stake holders of the Community agreed to get start work of sewerage line in their street and work started, Community make activist Haji Zafar President of Ghazi Abad Welfare Society and get collected money by self help bases and after leveling the street by AHKMT Engineer excavation is started and pipes are laid then give them shattering of main hole and main hole covers by AHKMT. 04 main holes are building, covering main holes and sanitation works completed 100%.


Other Information


Sungi Development Foundation Visited AHKMT

A group of 12 members from Sungi development Foundation visited AHKMT office and field area. They want to replicate our model in Muzafferabad (Azad Kashmir) in camps of refugees. They are working on total Led sanitation and Solid waste management with the donation of U.N Habitat. It was the joint visit of Child First, Youth Group, Camp members and Sungi fellows in the supervision of Sungi Development Foundation.

We introduce our Organization; Sanitation Program also explains the philosophy of self help bases during the time which they spent in office after that they visited Field Area.

In the field area we showed them sewage which lay by AHKMT.

They ask questions about our model, Sustainability, methodology etc.


Coordination with Govt Departments 

We are regularly kept in touch with govt departments. Conducted a meeting with T.M.O Pothwar Town


Outcomes of the Meeting


Ms Sumaira Gul explains their expectations from Pothwar Town she asks about the replication of the project. She demands on the following help.

  • Prepare Master plan for Chak jalal din
  • Help us for conducting meetings on the relevant Union Councils

TMO said we will help AHKMT in all these matters.

  • We will help AHKMT for developing of Master Plan for Chak jalal din very soon.
  • He offers to P.M to come their office for detail discussion and meeting on all the relevant matters and demands.


After this meeting Planning meeting was decided which was conducted on 30June 2010 and further meeting will arrange time to time in future.


Public Health Engineering Department


AHKMT is keep in touch with PHED Rawalpindi division for designing and Estimation of the target area. They also develop PC-1 for Union Council Chak jalal din for secondary lines.


Mobilization of Funds for Secondary lines


Meeting on  20Sep  2010 in PPAF Office Islamabad


Participants from PPAF


Mr. Zafar Parvez chief technical officer,

  1. Nadeem G. Manager (community physical infrastructure),

Malik Najaf khan Manager social mobilization unit,

  1. Kamal Afridi Manager project management group.


Participants from AHKMT


Sumaira Gul Program Manager,

Sadia Kirmani M&EO,

Hamid ullah   Sanitation Team Leader


Purpose of the Meeting

Introduction of AHKMT & Sanitation of Program



Introduce AHKMT and clear that we are working, as independent organization have own Managing board.


Introduce AHKMT programs, Progress and work share with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) members.


We take the presentation of Sanitation model during the presentation they raise different kind of question according to our work. Share the progress of last decade on Sanitation.


We propose them about partnership of AHKMT & PPAF. Mr. Zafar Parvez explain that they 84 partners in all over the Pakistan. They are not working in Rawalpindi. They refer us to Mr. Nadeem and Mr. Najaf for further details and cooperation and advice them to cooperate with us as possible as they can.


AHKMT also offer their cooperation for PPAF partner as well for replication of our Sanitation model in the different areas of Pakistan.


AHKMT will keep in touch with PPAF (Mr. Nadeem and Mr. Najaf).


OPP Visit

Mr.Hamid ullah sanitation team leader visited Orangi Pilot Project (OPP) Karachi on 27-28 sep2010. Detailed discussed with Ms. Parveen Rehman about the problems which AHKMT is facing. Meet with OPP engineer Mr. Saleem Aleem ud din and share Chak jalal din master plan as well treatment plan.


Meeting with Mr. Arif Hasan


Mr.Hamid ullah meet with Mr. Arif Hasan on 29 Sep 2010. Share the whole program of Rawalpindi. Mr. Arif Hassan showed interest for detail observe the Program and want to meet with Staff for this purpose he will come to Rawalpindi on 13 October 2010.


Board Meeting

On 13th October board meeting held at AHKMT sanitation presentation given to respectable board members. Mr. Arif Hasan comment on the AHKMT sanitation program. All the board members appreciate the activity of AHKMT. The Sanitation team leader also share the problem and challenges which are facing during the work.

CDN Meeting

Community Development Network meeting held on 29th and 30th October 2010 in Nowshara Feroz district Tandyaro. All over the Pakistan above fifty organization which are working on a community development together in this meeting. From AHKMT two representative attend this meeting and share the progress of the organization.


Meeting with the Al-Mustafa Trust


AHKMT Program Manager brief Station commander about the sanitation program he recommend our organization to an other organization which is the name of Al-Mustafa Trust. They are working in six different areas of Pakistan in the field of health. They require our technical assistance in these areas. On 20th October, 2010 we give them the briefing about the sanitation program of AHKMT.  On 27th October, 2010 the two representative of our organization visit with them village Chawli which is located in the district Chakwal.


Starting Work

The community of west ridge valley iii st #04 wants to lay down the sewerage line on self-help bases they request to AHKMT to provide the technical assistance.

AHKMT facilitate them on completely technical matters we level the street provide them Estimates and Shuttering as well. Length of the street is 350 rft having 12 households. The total expanse of each household is 6000 rupees. A stakeholder and activist of the area Lane Manager Mr. Asif collect the share from community and provide all kind of material.

ACHR Project  (Budget & Expense Sheet)
For the Year 2010
Account ID Account Description 01st Installment 02nd Installment Total USD Total PKR Expenses (w.e.f. Jan-10) Total Ending Balance
Budget USD Budget PKR Budget USD Budget PKR 01st Qtr 02nd Qtr 03rd Qtr 04th Qtr
80000 Salary – Team Leader  $        560 47,002  $     1,120       93,928  $  1,680  140,930 8,000 18,200 33,000 11,000 70,200          70,730
80002 Salary – Civil Engineer  $        500 41,966  $     1,000       83,864  $  1,500  125,830 16,333 16,631 27,097 7,870 67,931          57,899
80004 Salary – Social Organizer  $        260 21,822  $        520       43,609  $     780    65,431 10,050 20,000 12,100 6,900 49,050          16,381
80005 Office Rent & Utilities  $     1,040 87,290              –  $  1,040    87,290 47,123 52,005 64,846 25,084 189,058        (101,768)
80006 Salary – Surveyor 3,883 0 3,883           (3,883)
0                 –
0                 –
0                 –
0                 –
  Total:  $     2,360 198,080 2,640 221,401  $  5,000 419,481   106,836 140,926   380,122 39,359







Estimates Detail                                                                    Annex-A


Name of Activist Street No Length Of Street Area Estimate Cost No.of Houses Per House Estimate
Ikhtiar baig Dakhane wali st 725 Chak jalal din(sadiq colony) 120234 39 3082
M.Saleem 3 725 Chak jalal din(sadiq colony) 120234 40 3005
M.Abbas 5 525 Chak jalal din(sadiq colony) 86677 31 2796
Siraj 3 750 Chak jalal din(sadiq colony) 125175 45 2781
M. Sajjad Sajjad street 144 Ghazi abad 24463 9 2720
Tahir 10 350 Ghazi abad 591521 16 3697
Zakir shah 21 395 Ghazi abad 67204 27 2490
Muhammad Sadiq 6 312 Ghazi abad 50514 21 2405
Javed 4a 123 Ghazi abad 20572 13 1600
Javed 4b 127 Ghazi abad 21178 14 1600
M.Farooq 44/2 262 Rawal Town 43063 30 1435
M.Ramzan 4 725 Chak jalal din(sadiq colony) 120234 39 3082
Ch.Zafar 6 87 Ghazi Abad 13802 5 2800
Kashkol Khan 10,11,12a,12b. 531 Ghazi abad 87000 30 2900
M.Latif Alia Zainab Streert 156 Ghazi abad 25847 8 3230
Malik zaman 3 Sawan Colony 180 Ghazi abad 30,006 10 3000
ch.Haq nawaz 7 connected ii 186 Ghazi abad 30258 12 2521
Kabul 2 Babu Street 240 Ghazi abad 40000 18 2225
M.Aslam 6\2 195 Ghazi abad 31516 13 2425
Majeed sheikh 3 225 Ghazi abad 36667 22 1666
Farman Ali  1-7 connected 225 Ghazi abad 36667 12 3055
Khalid butt 6 330 Ghazi abad 54861 20 2750
Safeer khan 3 300 Ghazi abad 43010 24 1792
nazer muhammad NEF street 210 Ghazi abad 35157 13 2704
M.Shahzad 07 shahzad street 600 Ghazi abad 100020 35 2857
Abrar 3 Sawan Colony 300 Ghazi abad 43010 24 1792
M.Mujeeb 6 330 Ghazi abad 54861 20 2750
Noor zaman Street 7/1 225 Ghazi abad 36667 12 3055
hameed mehmood St 3 Sadiq Colony 225 Ghazi abad 36667 22 1666
Saleem elahi  6/2 196 Ghazi abad 31516 13 2425
Ahmad khan Street 2/7 186 Ghazi abad 30258 12 2521
ghafoor 3A Sawan Colony 180 Ghazi abad 30006 10 3000
hayyat ahmed Aalia Zanib Khan Street 156 Ghazi abad 25847 8 3230
Muhammad Sajjad Sajjad street 144 Ghazi abad 24463 9 2720
Abdul Ghafoor 3 750 Ghazi abad 1,25,175 45 2781
Tahir Sheera 10 350 Ghazi abad 59162 16 3697
Zakir shah Hamdani 21 395 Ghazi abad 67204 27 2490
Raja Altaf 1 246 Ghazi abad 39820 16 2489
Haji Nazik Shah G-1 colony (Chak Jalal din) 637ft Chak Jalal Din 95601 33 2897/-
Kashkol Khan Pathan Colony (Ghazi Abad) 531ft Ghazi abad 87000 30 2900/-
Ayaz Mehmood Street #18 (Quaid Abad) 285ft Ghazi abad 46464 22 2112/-
Ghulam Hussain Street # 15 (Quaid Abad) 210ft Ghazi abad 42826 14 3059/-
Qaiser Butt Street # 27 (Rawal Town) 336ft Ghazi abad 62088 24 2587/-
Qaiser Butt Street # 31 (Rawal Town) 89ft Ghazi abad 14670 9 1630/-
Raja Altaf Street # 1 (Ghazi Abad) 246ft Ghazi abad 39824 16 2489/-
Mohammad Sadiq Street # 6 (Ghazi Abad) 312 ft Ghazi abad 50505 21 2405/-
Mohammad Farooq Street # 44/1 (Rawal Town) 262ft Ghazi abad 43080 30 1436/-
Rahim Khan Street # 44/2 (Rawal Town) 197ft Ghazi abad 30060 20 1503/-
Subedar Khakar Street # 44/3 (Rawal Town) 197ft Ghazi abad 30060 18 1670/-
Faisal Shehzad Street # 44/4(Rawal Town) 66ft Ghazi abad 11944 8 1493/-
Qazi Ahmed Street # 32/1(Rawal Town) 394ft Ghazi abad 64020 60 1067/-
Abdul Latif Street # 44/5(Rawal Town) 158ft Ghazi abad 26880 12 2240/-
Abul Qudooss Street # 5(Rawal Town) 387ft Ghazi abad 63280 20 3164/-
Street#2 Rawal Town 405ft Ghazi abad 67200 28 2400/-
Afzal street Rawal Town 405ft Ghazi abad 67106 26 2581/-
Street #27 Rawal Town 867ft Ghazi abad 142920 60 2382/-
Street #4 Rawal Town 130ft Ghazi abad 21464 8 2683/-
Street #3 Rawal Town 448ft Ghazi abad 72930 30 2431/-
Saqib street Rawal Town 423ft Ghazi abad 70122 26 2697/-
Street #7Rawal Town 354ft Ghazi abad 57926 22 2633/-
Kachi Galian Rawal Town 630 Ghazi abad 120000 80 1500/-
Ishfaq Mansab Dar 239 Chak Jalal Din 39,646 17 2,333
Ishfaq Mansab Dar 298 Chak Jalal Din 49,416 17 2,906
Ishfaq Mansab Dar 230 Chak Jalal Din 38,828 10 3,883
Ishfaq Mansab Dar 238 Chak Jalal Din 36,904 6 6,150
Shah Gee Mansab Dar 149 Chak Jalal Din 33,185 12 2,765
Shah Gee Mansab Dar 146 Chak Jalal Din 28,537 6 4,757
Shah Gee Mansab Dar 45 Chak Jalal Din 7,238 1 7,238
Shah Gee Mansab Dar 239 Chak Jalal Din 40,068 8 5,008
Shah Gee Mansab Dar 20 Chak Jalal Din 4,141 1 4,141
Shah Gee Mansab Dar 360 Chak Jalal Din 59,712 10 5,972
Shah Gee Mansab Dar 200 Chak Jalal Din 34,317 11 3,119