Impact Assessment Reports

Impact of Open Drainage System on the Lives of the Target communities In Five Union Councils of District Rawalpindi (Comparative Situation Analysis) Assessment are conducting every year and also published on high level

Workshop reports

Workshops and Forums are conducting on different topics. One of the topic was basically about Poverty Gender, Exclusion and their interrelationship regarding water and sanitation. The workshop was sponsored by Water Aid, UK and organized by AHKMT (Akhter Hameed Khan Memorial Trust). The work shop provides clarity on Poverty, Gender and Exclusion. Poverty is usually measured according to level of income or ownership of assets, and there is a proven link between low income and unfavorable life chances. But there is also considerable overlap between income poverty and social exclusion. Social exclusion as an attribute of individual’s focuses directly on the nature of the lives that people is leading.

Quarterly newsletter “Shehr”

A quarterly organization news letter name by Shehr is published regularly on these news letter AHKMT discuss the problems and their solutions as well. This news letter is distributed among all the stake holders across the Pakistan.

Mapping & Survey Reports

Before starting of intervention in any area AHKMT Survey the entire area and generate reports. After that process of developing Maps started. we have a lot of street Maps which are developed by AHKMT staff.

Urban Forum

Urban Forums are conducting every year we discuss Urban issues. A large number of community stake holders, students participated in this event.

Documentaries & Pictures

AHKMT developed 3 documentaries on Urban issues and also have still pictures on countless figures all are up loaded in You tube links are as below.

Press clippings

AHKMT gathered 5 nation wide news papers clipping with concerned issues of Rawalpindi city. Arrange lectures on development issues and national and international experts invited for those lectures, Media, Govt. officials, NGO, s and Interest groups attend these lectures.

IEC Material

AHKMT develop different kind of IEC Material (Brochures, Pamphlets, Pena flex, Banners, Hand bags) which used in motivation awareness raising in the community as well stake holders. Material is attached