US87The AHKMT set some Principal Strategies. According to which the will developing maps of Union Council, Marking of Paved and unpaved streets (role of government) and Developing plan book. For such AHKMT develop maps of their previous sites (10 Union Council), present and future sites. Paved the un-paved streets after completing the sanitation works and finally publish their work in Shehr (Quarterly Newsletter).

Map is basic need of every developmental work. Map is also important in identification of boundaries, water pathways even underground water connections. Estimates are taking place on maps as well planning.

uc75Initially AHKMT developed maps of all most all Union Councils where the trust worked. Few are mentioned as: UC-105 Lohdra, U.C 75 Shakrial Rawalpindi, UC-88 Garja, UC-87 ChakJalaldin, UC-76 KhanaDaak, UC-118 Kliyial, etc. The first response of the community was not good but they have no other option to the problem of sanitation, therefore they formulated the committee for water and sanitation on council level for pointing out the problems. Six Committees of Water and Sanitation has been formulated in the respective Union Councils which develop the linkage with the Union Council. For example Potohar Town project

The sewerage and mapping project have some different impacts. Rainy water not entering into houses due to sewerage lines in streets. Bad sewerage is the key factor for different diseases, which were completely finished with this project. The drains are covered which open and wide the streets. uc76map77There is more space for children in streets if they want to play. The areas are mostly rural and the have different cattle which were also a causes more pollution in the area, after covering the area and complete the sewerage lines, this problems is also covered. Due to good sanitation system in the area the rent of the houses are also increases. Another big problem was the bad smell which is finished after the completion of sewerage line. Most of the community is criticizing that map is not our need.

Every map has different impacts, maps is the need of the project area. Map development aware the team about the population of the Union Councils. Map gives us the proper data about the paved and un-paved streets, condition of different facilities in the area (Gas, electricity, sewerage system and water supply etc.). Maps provide the data about the hospitals, private and Govt Schools in the project area. Maps also identify the organizations which are working on the area.