World vision Project in Zia colony and Khayyaban-e-Sir syed
December 31, 2014
Final Report of Integrated Resources Recovery Center
January 1, 2016
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The population of Fauji colony is mainly low income people. Most of them are working at fruit mundi at Pirwadhai. Colony consist of 40 main streets, among these some were paved while some were unpaved. The unpaved streets mostly facing the problem of sanitation. E.g. Street # 04, 05, 09, 12 etc.

Street # 07 was an unpaved street and had open drainage system. Street 07 was the main street beside this there was other link streets. I.e. Street 7A, 7B, Iqbal Street and GulShan Street. The street was consist of 100 houses and linked streets. The main problem in this street was this open drainage system due to which the community suffer. People throw the waste in the street due to which in rainy season, the solid waste stuck in the drains and the drains ran over in the streets. Due to these issues fighting became a daily routine in the street. The social and economic condition was poor in the area. The people were facing health issues. Due to open drainage the streets were narrow. There was not enough space for the children to play so they have to play in that narrow street. There wasn’t enough space for the vehicles so no one try to buy one. This was a tense situation in the street.

Malik Kifayat request Councilor Malik Nisar for the help. Malik Nisar contact AHKMT and file a request to work in street 07 in 2002. AHKMT accepted their request and survey the street and meet the people of the street. They pursue the people for the sewerage system on self-basis. The AHKMT conducted 3-4 meetings with that community. After all this struggle the people agree. AHKMT give them an estimate for the project. There were 70 house in the street and according to the estimate each house should pay Rs.1500/-. Now the collection become a problem, the question was that who will collect the money and who will be trust worthy?

After conducting a meeting on this issue the people agree that the collected money should me give to the Imam of the Masjid Molanna Fazal-ur-Rehman. He was a trust worthy person in the street.  For the collection of money AHKMT make a group of 4 people know as line manager. They are Mohammad Iqbal, Mohammad Riaz, Mohammad Saddiq and Malik Akhtar.

The people of the area was mostly poor, therefore, the collection of money become a problem. They think that this is not their job to give money for the sewerage line. But after the struggle of AHKMT and Malik Kifayat they agree to give money. While some people agree to work in the project to complete their share. Thus after collection of money the work in the street started and AHKMT survey the working site on regular bases. AHKMT provide technical support during the project.

WASA and NESPAk stopped the work but after visiting them to the site and allow to work again. T.O.I & S also visit the site and check the work at the site.

Naib Nazim Bashir Khan plays an important role in the project. He several time visited Tehsil Council and OPP office. He play main role in pursing people for work and giving money for the project.

The community starts work on self bases in the street. The good thing in this project was that beside males, females also play their role in the project both financially and practically. I.e. GulShan BiBi was a poor female and was unable to pay the money therefore, she work in the street. She works side by side with other men for three days to complete here shares in the project. On the bases of her efforts the link street in which she lives was named as GulShan Street.

After the completion of the sewerage project the Nazim of the council paved the street with government fund. The people of the area happy and feels satisfied with the efforts of AHKMT. The situation of the street is much better than before. It’s much wide open and children can play easily in it. The open drains are now completely undercover, the street is paved due to which the ratio of diseases is reduced. The socio-economic condition of the people is improved. A person who had a horse and cart now they buy car because the street is paved and wide open. It’s now easy to drive a car to the street. The prices of the land is high at the street now. The astatic look of the street is much better. People are satisfy that their money is used at rite place successfully. People keep their street clean. The government take-off the sewerage tax from them as they work themselves.

fauji-colonyIt has been 12 years to the completion and everything in the street, Bilal Jan an internee at AHKMT recently visited and survey the street 07. According to the survey the condition of the main street 07 and its link street are not good. The people are careless and they clean their houses and throw the waste outside in street. They are looking towards government that sweeper will come and clean everything. Though it is the job of the sweeper but the sweeper start their own way to work. They clean the waste of those houses who pay them every month (Rs.100). Some main holes of the sewerage line is blocked due to solid waste and the sewerage water is run in the streets. Another problem is that people wash their cars and run water in streets. Due to this careless act the disease are again emerging in the area. The ecstatic look of the street is again disturbing.

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