Sanitation Accomplishment

December 31, 2014

World vision Project in Zia colony and Khayyaban-e-Sir syed

World vision Project in Zia colony and Khayyaban-e-Sir syed Background The 3R project is focused to promote the practices of reduce, reuse and recycling of waste in the UC 9 & 10 of Rawalpindi. Project has actively engaged all relevant stakeholders for its effective implementation at community level. Potential individuals have been trained on small scale recyclable/resalable businesses on trades such as compost and paper mashi supporting the concept of Reuse as well as helping create income generation opportunities for deserving stakeholders. Initially it was planned to establish an environment friendly small scale plastic recycling unit within the target area, […]
March 31, 2010

Replication by community

The work of AHKMT was replicated by the different communities themselves. These communities (Dhoke Kala Khan Fauji Colony Dhok Ali Akbar) replicated it very successfully. A detail of these communities are given in the table. Area Uc’s No of Streets H.H Cost Dhoke Kala Khan 22 124 1665 4,187,600 Fauji Colony 08 30 605 761,100 Dhok Ali Akbar 24 24 442 707,200 Total 178 2712 56,55,900 AHKMT Work Process: The trust work on request bases. When the trust receive a request from a community for work in their area. The survey team of the trust visit the area and complete […]
March 31, 2010

Achievement from 1997 to 2010

Beside this AHKMT achievements are Successful awareness companies and in return the trust receives more work requests. 41 streets in 5 Union Council were paved after laying sewerage lines with the help of local Government. AHKMT has worked in three different direction of the city. I.e. Dhoke Kala Khan/ Faisal Colony, Dhoke Sayyeddan, Fuji Colony/Dhoke Hassu. Inauguration of secondary line in UC-5 by MrMuzamalMirzaDirector of WASA as a Chief Guest. Conducting an Advisory workshop with Asian Development Bank (ADB) and WASA. Years Total Streets Length Running Feet H.H Costs Beneficiaries 1997-2000 19 5635 370 516443 2590 2001 6 1020 56 […]