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April 13, 2012
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December 31, 2014
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Kachry se Karobar

AHKMT introduced another concept  “Kachry se Karobar” for the unprivileged and unemployed youth for their income generation. This project has started in the Shadra situated near Lahore. The concept is briefed in the column given below:

Another innovative approach AHKMT introduced is a “Kachry se Karobar” means to have business from the waste. Under this specific project, young generations who are poor and jobless, they are being trained that how to do business out of solid waste. This job is being done in some steps. First such young people are identified in the community, the next step is to give them trainings in this regard. Lastly they are given responsibilities and this is according to their capabilities. I this specific project 13000Rs are being spent one time, out of it 1000Rs are spend for the hand cart for the collection of solid waste 3000Rs, the waste collectors are provided with the tool kit which contains uniform, gloves, mask and other self-safety materials. The trained yuth earn 13,000 to 15000Rs from the waste and pay 1000Rs per month to AHKMT. So as a whole it is a self-sustained process which gave the innovative idea of earning and also the minimization of waste, as a result it provide a healthy environment as well as means of earning