Mansehra – Need Base Assessment Report  (Replication of E-guard Model)
October 7, 2011
Kachry se Karobar
December 31, 2012
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G-15 (Islamabad)

AHKMT is doing more projects regarding SWM in different areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. With the passage of time and experience the organization is modifying the concept of e-guard in different perspectives in different areas. AHKMT made ”e-guard Company” on the basis of the model to make a small profitable and sustainable business in G-15, one of the private sectors of Islamabad by Jammu and Kashmir housing society where CDA is not giving the service of SWM. A brief detail is given below:

AHKMT already was working in 5 cities of Pakistan on e-guard model for the sake of solid waste management. That whole project was funded by U-N habitat. In G-15 AHKMT started the same thing as a small scale profitable business my developing e-guard as a self-sustained company. The housing society gave a tender notice in the newspaper and e-guard company was selected for the service. The e-guard company started their service with 500 households and 250Rs charged per HH per month and with the passage of time the number of house hold increased up to 1000 with commercial enterprises. 26 bags are given per unit for the waste collection, and this service is on daily basis from door to door. There are 3 vehicles with 3 drivers, 3 collectors, and 2 supervisors. Chief executive look after all the activities going on there in G-15. The e-guard company is doing a great job in the area by providing neat and clean environment by focusing on primary collection of solid waste from door to door. Then this waste is transferred to a dumping point allocated by the society.  AHKMT is going to start a very innovative project in G-15 that is the establishment of Integrated Resource Recovery Center (IRRC) with the collaboration of UN-Habitat, UNESCAP and Waste concern Dhaka. This center will be based on modern technology where waste will be segregated, recycled, compost will be made out of organic waste on larger scale. It will have the capacity to process 4 tons of waste per day. I will be the very first and unique plant of its nature in Pakistan.